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Frametechs Woodworking is a proud provider of green solutions.

Green building uses sustainable materials such as bamboo for flooring and cabinets, durable countertops and reclaimed materials.  Non-toxic finishes and varnishes are also available.

What is “reclaimed” timber?

Reclaimed or recycled wood typically comes from the beams and floorboards of demolished 19th Century buildings, but can also include recovered logs that sank in America’s waterways many decades ago as they were being floated downstream to the sawmills.

Frametechs sees green building as an inspiring and creative movement within building industry towards greater sustainability in building practices, resource management, and material usage. We are committed to providing our clients with the choices, practices, and products that suit their needs, desires, lifestyles, and budgets.

Many green building practices vary by their emphasis on what is the most important building consideration:

  • What materials will be used?
  • Where will the building materials come from? Can the materials be found locally, or reclaimed?
  • How long will the building or the components installed last?
  • And on and on.

We recognize green building practices as a choice and upon a clients request will incorporate alternative practices and materials into any given project.

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